Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Physical and Mental Health Promotion

Hectic life and busy work are common causes of muscle fatigue, resulting in soreness in neck, shoulders, back and limbs. Prolonged disregard of these symptoms may result in overuse injuries. Regular exercises can keep you in good shape for health promotion and improve your productivity in your office or home.

Please do some simple exercises targeted at different parts of the body. You may choose the suitable types according to your needs. Exercises can increase blood circulation and enhance body function, as well as promote psychological well-being and increase confidence. Stretching exercises can increase flexibility of joints and reduce chance of injury, and reduce mental stress and lift your spirits. Strengthening exercises can strengthen your muscles and reduce muscle fatigue, as well as consume calories and maintain ideal body weight.

When you perform stretching and strengthening exercises, please note the following:

1. Select the type of activity that suits you and ensure the sporting location is spacious enough for your workout.

2. Examine your physical situation before doing physical exercise. When you feel tired or uncomfortableness, stop working out.

3. Perform the training according to your capability. Do not overexert yourself.

4. Execute the activity slowly until you feel a stretch in your muscles. Stretching too much or too quickly can easily damage your muscles and joints,especially when doing exercises connected to the neck, back and knees.

5. Persistence is the important to good results for health promotion.

6. Do not put on close-fitting clothes and high-heel shoes or boots.

Actually with the advance in information technology, people are now doing less physical activities. Therefore, we should make the best use of our time to do some stretching and strengthening exercises for physical and mental health promotion, and to improve our work efficiency everyday.

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