Don't Let the Sports Injure Children

Some parents premature to let the children in some physical activities, actually some physical activities, not benefit the children’s health status, but easy to cause harm.

The health experts say children are in the growth and development of the period, the body organs and tissues have not yet matured; there are many different from adults of the physiology characteristic, so sports games for kids are unsuitable for children in early.

The children should not attend tug-of-war. According to the physiological theory, the child's heart is in the development stage, when the body load increases, mainly rely on the heart rate increase to gain the supply of blood, therefore, heart is easy to fatigue, and children can't afford such big powers to fight. Medical experts used to test 250 five to six years-old children after the tug-of-war competition, found their heart rate are too high, 30% of children fail to restore normal heart rate after one hour. In addition, the tug-of-war is a very tough against movement, because the pull time last too long and strong external force easy to cause dislocated and soft-tissue hurt.

Children can’t train the muscle too early. In the growth process, height is growing faster than the weight, and their muscle contains more moisture, less protein and inorganic salt, and easy to fatigue. Therefore, in childhood, don't do muscle weight exercise too early.

The children should not stand on his head. If often stand on their head, or every time handstand time is too long, can damage the eyes function in the adjustment of the intraocular pressure.

Children under the age of 10 could not play bumper car. Children's muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue and not mature and very fragile, when meet strong collision will cause the sprain and collision hurt.

Scooter games are unsuitable for children under the age of 8. When the children play scooter, the waist, knee and ankle position is easy on injury, so be sure to prepare well the protection, better with parents accompanying then play in a flat and spacious area.

According to children's body growth characteristics, parents could let children skip rope, bounce, playing kids soccer, and basketball games for kids, swimming; these sports games for kids help to increase the height of children, and would not damage their body.
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