Some Unusual Physical Activities For Calories Burned

All persons have a strong need for an occasional practical experience of "abandon" when we let go of our cares and self-consciousness and throw ourselves freely into an actions. A issue for many overweight people is that the closest they ever come to experiencing this feeling is through overeating. Exercise, with its physical challenge and relieve and its childlike, playful nature, can provide that abandonment. Whatever you choose, from an aerobics class to ski, get involved in an activity that makes you feel free. In the process, you may be freeing yourself from the desire to overeat, actually some of them are unusual and easy to carry out.

Browse the Magazines about Physical Activities
Newsstands are filled with magazines devoted to a wide range of physical activities and sports, from Muscle and Fitness to Runner’s World. Reading them, plus ogling the pictures of svelte, healthy people who really seem to savor all that effort, can get you psyched for your own activity. These magazines — and books, too — carry articles explaining the basics, answering technical questions, profiling interesting people and introducing products that may aid your performance. Jog over to your newsstand and take a peek.

Exercise at Your Table
Being office-bound doesn’t stop advertising salesman Aron Durant from getting into gear. He keeps a stationary bike in his closet and pedals about 10 miles during his lunch hour. Even without that kind of space or equipment, you can still do stretches and different kinds of isometric exercises at your desk.For a quick workout, put the palms of your hands together, press as hard as you can, relax, rest and repeat 10 times. Next, plant your feet firmly on the floor, push down hard, relax and repeat 10 times. Finally, tense and relax your bottom 10 times. Then raise your hands in the air and get a good, long stretch, either while you’re still sitting or standing up.

Climb Away Fat Accumulation
When it comes to fighting fat, research shows that climbing stairs is actually better than jogging or riding a bike.Some people make climbing a few flights of stairs part of their daily routine exercises.John Hanks,a desk-bound scientist, spends his coffee breaks walking up and down several flights. Other people turn stair-climbing into a serious sport, donning running clothes and shoes before they hit the steps. Climbing stairs can pay off in more ways than one. One health-conscious company gives its employees a $500 bonus if they climb the stairs to their 19th floor office. Next time you’re waiting for an elevator, consider whether you might do better to take the stairs.

Row the Boat
The motion of rowing strengthens the arms, chest and back while providing a super aerobic workout for for calories burned. Before you run out and buy a boat, be advised that rowing machines are standard equipment in many health clubs, and home versions are available, too. As with any intense exercise, start your rowing program slowly. Aim for a dozen strokes a minute for about five minutes. The next week, increase these figures by 10 percent — about 14 strokes per minute for about five-and-a-half minutes. Your ultimate goal should be about two dozen strokes a minute for about 20 minutes. Remember: Warm up and cool down slowly for about five minutes.

Some exercises are good for you because they’re relaxing, and this is one of them. The only force operating here is gravity,the principle being to raise your derriere and feet up off the floor. Lie down, putting a pillow under your bottom and your feet up on a chair or couch. Take a deep breath, lie back and enjoy it for 15 minutes or even a half-hour. Invigorating blood will rush to your organs and head, and you’ll feel oh-so-good.

Finally, although exercise offers its own intrinsic rewards, giving yourself a special reward as you go along — when you have made your first mile-long run straight through without stopping, for instance, or gone to the health club three months in a row — is a way of taking good care of yourself.Take yourself to the movies,buy yourself a present,get a haircut or a facial as a unusual action during the process of your calories burned ,just don’t reward yourself with food!
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