General Recommendations for Athletes' Diet

In general, athletes should minimize their alcohol intake, as this can potentiate dehydration and, by inhibiting gluconeogenesis, can lead to hypoglycemia. A healthy diet also features reduced levels of salt (unless the athlete is sweating heavily - the athlete conserves salt by producing very hypotonic sweat), saturated fats, and refined sugars. Dietary recommendations for training include the following:

•Athletes with high energy needs may have to spread their intake over more meals to be able to ingest enough calories;
•A healthy, balanced diet as previously outlined usually negates the need for vitamin supplementation;
•Supplementation with vitamins or minerals is only an option if dietary adjustment fails to correct the real or perceived deficiency;
•Athletes must ensure that they have adequately replaced fluids lost during exercise, as dehydration adversely affects performance and can be harmful.
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