Body Shape Linked to Your Taste buds

Scientists can determine someone's favorite food from their body shape. They have discovered that the arrangement of tastebuds on the tongue varies for different body types. The sci­entist team examined 1000 British adults and divided them into three physiologically recognized body typesectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. They determined that a person's body type indicated where they were likely to have the most tastebuds- on the sweet, bitter or salty areas of their tongue.

The study showed that ectomorphs, who make up one in three of the population, usually have a small delicate shape, have a sweet tooth but hate bitter foods. Mesomorphs, who make up 20 per cent of the population, usually have a muscular shape and prefer salty or bitter foods but dislike sweet foods. Half the British populations are endomorphs with soft, rounded bodies, and they like most foods. The findings showed that for two in three people food preference was a physiological rather than a psychological choice.

Although it appear that simply by looking at an individual's body shape we can make assumptions about their taste preferences, it is difficult to dictate whether our body shape dictates the food we like, or the food we like dictates bodyshape. It stands to reason people who prefer most types of foods will be fatter and people who are the endomorph shape tend to finds it more difficult to lose weight.
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