Guidelines for an Optimal Training Load

The optimal training load for an individual athlete depends on various factors, including genetic make - up, lifestyle, and state of initial fitness.

There are no hard and fast rules for determining how and when to adjust the training load, but empirical evidence suggests that an increase of no more than 5 % each week during a training micro - cycle allows for adaptation and recovery.Furthermore, intensity and volume of training should not be increased simultaneously.

Not being able to devise a numerical index for training intensity and volume makes it difficult to quantify the training load. Therefore, training must be carefully documented in the athlete's diary  by athletic trainers. The athletes’ subjective responses to and feelings about the training should be monitored and recorded, as should lifestyle factors such as hours and quality of sleep, nutrition, and other stressors by physical trainers. If signs of over training do become apparent, a careful record of activities should help pinpoint possible causes.
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