Principles Of Sports Injury Prevention

Sports therapist must be familiar with injury prevention principles to be all effective part of the sports medicine team, all team members of sports medicine specialist should stress the importance of injury prevention constantly to athletic trainers and athletes, especially if the training program reveals a lack of awareness or a disregard of these principles.

Physical conditioning is a key principle of injury prevention. An appropriate good exercises program decreases the risk of injury, decreases the severity of an injury should it occur, and can help prevent re-injury. Maximizing the chance for safe athletic performance requires adequate muscular strength and endurance,balance, power,muscular coordination, joint flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and good body composition for sport.

Improving specific components of fitness and conditioning reduces the risk of injuries. For example, muscular strength exercises help reduce injuries to the area of a joint; regular muscular strength exercises can significantly increase the strength of the ligaments surrounding the knee and prevent knee injuries; muscle development provides increased strength that helps to stabilize joints; and improved movement skill is important in injury prevention.
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