Activities Predisposing to Back Injury and Spine Health Issues

Work activities predisposing to back injury and spine health issues are:-

(1)Lifting or setting down loads;
(2)Carrying,stacking,pushing,pulling,rolling,sliding and wheeling of loads;
(3)Operation of levers and other mechanical devices;
(4)Maintenance of unbalanced postures while performing these tasks;
(5)Normal movements of the spine aggravating existing damage to intervertebral discs.

Aggravating factors for back injury and spine health issues are:-

(1)Gross overloading of the spine;
(2)Lifting with a bent back or with the object held well out from the body or to one side;
(3)Loss of balance while lifting;
(4)Using a jerking or twisting lifting motion;
(5)Unexpected weight bearing;
(6)Restricted room to maneuver;
(7)Inadequate grip on heavy, awkward, hot corrosive, sharp or slippery objects;
(8)Unstable footwear;
(9)Slippery, uneven or littered floor surfaces;
(10)Uncoordinated team lifting; and
(11)Unfitness to lift

Many jobs require performance of tasks in the seated position. Constant sitting in unergonomically designed chairs in stressful postures dictated by visual or manipulative tasks is a common source of recurrent or persistent back pain. Appropriate workplace and chair design promote maintenance of correct posture and the prevention of postural strain and spine health issues.
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