Prevention of Chronic Back Strain of Spine Issues

Any work that requires sitting or standing partly bent over for long periods of time can cause extra stress on muscles which can become painful. A vicious circle may develop if chronic strain continues with the muscles becoming less able to withstand strenuous activities and becoming more prone to further injury. Working too long, too hard or holding the back in a fixed position can cause tension, tired muscles, weakness, less control of movement and proneness to back injury and spine issues.

Seating and other work positions should be so designed that the back is not bent for long periods. The best sitting position is with knees higher than hip and lower back flat against a firm back rest for spine health care.

The following simple procedures can also help for prevention of chronic back strain of spine issues:-

(1) Change body position frequently;
(2) Stretch—by clasping hands behind head, bends forward until back is horizontal;
(3) Adjust working height to prevent slumping or excess reaching;
(4) Relax—let shoulders and neck muscles go limp, swivel head and let it droop all the way forward;
(5) Muscles are most rested during sleep by using a firm mattress (or hardwood between springs and mattress) and lying on one side with hip and knees bent.
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