Legs Workout - Leg Strengthening Exercises

Leg Strengthening Exercises 1

1. Sit properly with your feet on the floor. Straighten your right leg and keep it at the horizontal level. Move the right foot back and forth 5 times.
2. Repeat the above movements 5 times on the left side.

Leg Strengthening Exercises 2

1. Hold onto a stable object with both hands. Raise your heels off the ground. Hold for 5 seconds and then return to the standing posture.
2. Repeat this set of movements 20 times.

Leg Strengthening Exercises 3

1. Stand 30 centimeters (about one foot) away from the wall and lean your back on it.
2. Slowly slide down your body. (Note that the knees should not be bent to less than 90 degrees). Then return to the starting posture slowly.
3. Repeat the above movements 5 times.

Leg Strengthening Exercises 4

1. Raise one leg. Rotate your foot outward 10 times.
2. Then rotate your foot inward 10 times.
3. Repeat the above movements 10 times with the other leg.

Leg Strengthening Exercises 5
1. Sit on a chair, put one of your feet on a towel placed on a floor.
2. With your toes flat grasp the towel with the sole and then relax. Repeat this set of movements 20 times.
3. Perform similar movements with the other foot 20 times.
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