The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise and Always Stick the Calorie Burning Exercises

Somebody maybe want to know what is aerobic exercises and which type of aerobic exercises do they need.  Aerobic exercises, such as running training program, bike riding, swimming, aerobic dance classes, brisk walking and similar types of aerobic exercise requiring steady, intense effort — are super calorie burning exercises. The sports therapist of American says that significant loss of body fat requires aerobic exercises at least 20 minutes per day, three days a week, with sufficient intensity and duration to burn 300 calories per session, obviously aerobic exercises fit this bill the best. The benefits of aerobic exercise also help you relax, and since stress is a common cause of overeating, relieving it is a step in the right direction.

Serious runners are renowned for their slender physiques and body type, thanks to the hundreds of calories a good run eats up with such intense calorie burning exercises. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to build up your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance slowly, and start from a beginner running program, actually simply walk a block or two, then run a block, then walk again. Slowly increase your distance, about 10-15 percent a week. Three times a week over a period of several weeks, try to run longer distances and walk less. You may start out feeling like a sorry heap of potatoes, but you'll probably be surprised at how quickly you can progress.

For example, maybe your friend of a physical trainer spent a good year hounding you to try a running training program, but you couldn’t imagine dragging your poor body down the street, then you are really eager to lose 15 pounds and enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise, so you should try to go out one day early in the morning, walk a half mile, then ran a block, then walked home. The next day, you could ran a little farther, and the next day farther still. Before long, you must can running for 30 minutes straight, which then continue to do three times a week. Maybe you never run a marathon, but first you will feel great, and you will lose 15-20 pounds finally through these good calorie burning exercises.

A one-year follow-up study looked at a group of eight women who had lost weight in a supervised medical program by the sports therapist. During the program, they had exercised at least 9 minutes per day, including a 25 to 45 minutes run. A year after the program, no longer dieting but eating an average of about 1600 calories a day and continuing to exercise in the form of running or other types of aerobic exercise, they maintained their weight loss. They also maintained progressive cardiovascular endurance and normal cholesterol levels through above calorie burning exercises.

However, the body fat you lose through aerobic exercises and diet can be easily regained if you interrupt your calorie burning exercises, even if you keep dieting. So do your best to stick to your good exercises program. After you’ve lost all you want to and have quit dieting, continuing to play different types of aerobic exercise, sports therapist's research already shows, helps maintain your weight loss. 
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